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Unlocking sustainable mobility in cities, one building at the time.

Our Service

Mobility as an Amenity in your building. We help you transform parking space into an exclusive mobility “library” for your tenants. We source the best vehicles, optimise financing for you, maintain the fleet and operate it with our super app. In a nutshell, we set up for you a new mobility asset class providing better yield than a conventional parking space.

How does it work?

1 - Building mobility need assessment

The assessment process will survey the needs of your tenants, taking into account factors such as location, demographics, and existing transportation options.

2 - Bespoke fleet design & financing

The assessment allows us to select from cars, cargo bikes, e-bikes and more to develop the perfect fleet for your building and match this to financing.

3 - Fleet deployment & management

Our team handles all the logistics of deployment and maintenance. This includes renewing your fleet as the needs of your tenants evolve.

4 - Tenants enjoy mobility freedom

Tenants can easily book and access vehicles using our user-friendly app, giving them the freedom to move around without the hassle of ownership.

Benefits for Developers

Attract more tenants
Optimised parking space
Turn key solution
Accelerate to net-zero

Benefits for Tenants

Save money
Choice of vehicles
Click & ride
Move sustainably

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